What My Coaching Clients Have Said...

Coaching for Mind Testimonials

Cat has a compassionate and also direct approach as a coach that created a conversation that really shifted my thinking. I was in transition when we met, in the process of rethinking the what, how and why of work. I was looking for support and challenge to gain insights I’d been missing and focus in on what mattered, and Cat did just that. Cat, I wanted to say thank you so much for your time, and also your skill in helping me to gain clarity and confidence about how I navigate this transition. You’ve a presence and an authenticity that I ‘felt’ from the start, and that enabled me to say the things I wasn’t saying elsewhere. Remarkable for a one-hour session!


Preston, Development Coach

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a skilled coach. I brought Cat a fairly meaty challenge around energy and relationships, and in one quick hour we untangled several aspects of it, assessed what needs to happen, and made a plan. I’ve already been able to action several things, and feel much better for it! If you want to get unstuck, I wholeheartedly recommend talking to Cat.


Research Consultant