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1:1 Supervision

Coaching Supervision is primarily a reflective practice for coaches to process their coaching sessions, focus on their development as a coach, and an outlet to discuss their coaching practice and everything related to it in a safe and confidential space. It is a vital practice for effective coaches to remain sharp, emotionally resourced, supported, and on their game.

Supervision has 3 functions outlined below:

  1. Formative – often referred to as the ‘teacher’, this function is focused on the development of the coach, both in skill and style.
  2. Normative – or the ‘gatekeeper’, this function focuses on best practices, the quality of coaching, and the ethics.
  3. Restorative – aka the ‘nurse’, focuses on the coach’s resourcefulness and provides space to process emotion, thought, and experience.

All three combine to create the ultimate resource for your coaching practice; a safe environment for reflection-in-action, to unpack, to gain perspective, recalibrate, grow, learn, and process (+more!).

In our unregulated industry, supervision isn’t mandated for coaches but it is best practice. Minds are mixed on how often you should get supervision as a coach and generally, it’s dependent on the coach at hand. Factors that impact how often you might need supervision could include: how often you coach, the types of topics you coach around, who you’re coaching, how experienced you are, and how confident you feel. All that said, the main coaching governing bodies have this to say:

  • The ICF accepts 10 hours of supervision a year towards CCE.
  • The EMCC recommends no less than 1 hour of supervision per 35 hours coached.
  • The AC requires 1 hour of supervision per month.

All in all, that’s a very contradictory guideline, right? That’s why I recommend you book a free 45 minute discovery call where we can discuss supervision over a cup of tea!

Work With Me

I tend to work with coaches in the first 5 years of their practice who are qualified by an accredited school (or training with), who are serious about ethics and standards in coaching, who are passionate about and inspired by their clients, and who are motivated to increase their coaching mastery consistently over time. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

I offer three options for supervision, dependent on what you’re looking for. The Standalone Session is a great option for emergency supervision (when something comes up in a coaching session that you feel needs to be urgently escalated or processed), if you want to do a highly focussed session on your coach development, or if you have a low number of clients and only feel the need for sporadic supervision.

Flexible Supervision is the ideal option if you’re new to supervision and want to try it out on your own terms, if you have between 3 – 10 regular clients, if you want to have a bulk number of sessions available so you always know you can book a session when you need it, or you want to take supervision on a session-by-session basis.

The 12 Month Package is ideal for full time coaches with a busy practice who want dedicated and regular time to deep dive on their coaching skill, practice, and goals. It’s perfect for coaches who want to develop their coaching mastery, who want to keep a holistic view of their practice, and who want dedicated support.

Whichever option stands out to you, you can book a free 45 minute discovery call to talk through everything – what supervision is, how it might work for you, how we can work best together, and if it’s not a great fit, not to worry! I’m part of an amazing network of coaches and supervisors and I’m sure I’ll be able to recommend you to someone who fits your needs.

Standalone Session
This is a one off session of 90 minutes in length.

  • 90 minutes: £90

1:1 Flexible Supervision
Sessions are one hour in length and can be booked in blocks of 3, 6, 9, or 12. You can take these sessions as and when you’d like to and they can be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice. Payment plans are available on inquiry.

  • 3 sessions: £222
  • 6 sessions: £420
  • 9 sessions: £610
  • 12 sessions: £780

12 Month Package
Sessions are 60-90 minutes in length and you get:

  • 12  90 minute 1:1 sessions in a regular monthly pattern (e.g. every first Monday of the month)
  • 3 60 minute emergency supervision sessions, to be booked with 3 days’ notice
  • Remote support via Signal or email
  • One recording review

Total: £1,200

Together, we can work out what’s best for you with the coaching practice you have, and there’s no obligation to book with me afterwards. It’s just a chat! Book your free discovery call here: