What My Coaching Clients Have Said...

Coaching for Mind Feedback

“I was delighted to be one of the 212 people Cat coached in this challenge. The session was excellent – I went in feeling overwhelmed with too many plates spinning, and left just an hour later with a greater clarity of thinking and decisiveness than have had in ages! Thank you Cat. I’d highly recommend anyone to take up some coaching with the wonderful Cat Burnett ACC!”

Linda Aspey, Coach + Facilitator


“Cat has a compassionate and also direct approach as a coach that created a conversation that really shifted my thinking. I was in transition when we met, in the process of rethinking the what, how and why of work.  I was looking for support and challenge to gain insights I’d been missing and focus in on what mattered, and Cat did just that.

Cat, I wanted to say thank you so much for your time, and also your skill in helping me to gain clarity and confidence about how I navigate this transition. You’ve a presence and an authenticity that I ‘felt’ from the start, and that enabled me to say the things I wasn’t saying elsewhere. Remarkable for a one-hour session!”

Rachel, Preston, Development Coach


“It’s amazing what you can achieve with a skilled coach. I brought Cat a fairly meaty challenge around energy and relationships, and in one quick hour we untangled several aspects of it, assessed what needs to happen, and made a plan. I’ve already been able to action several things, and feel much better for it! If you want to get unstuck, I wholeheartedly recommend talking to Cat.”

Kim, Research Consultant


“This experience of Tarot card coaching was amazing. Enlightening. Freeing. Tears-of-joy-inducing. Grounding. Reminding. Innovating. New-thought-provoking.  I could go on.
My coaching partner, Cat Burnett ACC, created just enough psychological safety, by way of a contract, for us to dig into this work without much explanation, and then held me, mostly silently, while I did my processing out loud.
I asked a question. She then held up a randomly selected card, with a picture for me to interpret in relation to the question. I noticed what I noticed and drew conclusions. If I requested it, she then added the “official” interpretation of the card, which often shed more light on my question. I asked the same question of another card, and we did the same again. Then I came to a new question, which I posed to another card. We worked through four cards in an hour’s session, each time unearthing something different. And it explored ideas that my logical brain would never have carried me to.
I have to admit to being a bit scared of the Tarot before we started, but they are like any other picture card that is designed to stimulate new thinking. We didn’t use them as predictors of my future, but more as guides to unlocking my own current wisdom. I would highly recommend Cat’s coaching with Tarot cards.  Please seek her out if you are stuck and want a different way to see your way through.”

Clare Norman PCC, Hampshire, Coach


I had an awesome coaching session with Cat Burnett ACC yesterday who has challenged herself to coach 365 hours in 365 days to raise money for Mind.
I opted to do the Tarot cards coaching to see what it would be like. Cat explained that she doesn’t do readings instead she uses the cards to help you tap into your own intuition.
I’m now much clearer on what needs my attention right now and what can wait in the wings. And the big insight for me was to trust the process rather than stress about the outcome.”

Jude Sclater


“Thank you again, today has honestly been the 60 minutes of clarity that I needed. Working as a Coach myself I was really curious to see what value our coaching session would bring. It far exceeded my expectations and I loved the use of the tarot cards. When you offered it as a service I was very curious about how it would work. Your system is really clear and flowed perfectly. The cards are a great unique addition that really took it to the next level for me. I feel like our 60 minutes were the reset I needed. Thank you for doing such incredible work to raise funds for MIND. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a coach to anyone.”

Emma-Jane Darley MLaw, 35, Student Coach


“I loved my Coaching-Tarot session. I couldn’t believe how spot-on the cards were! It was great to be able to reflect on the imagery in the cards and use my perceptions to uncover their meaning with Cat guiding me along. The session opened my eyes and pointed me strongly in the direction of following my heart. I feel a renewed sense of opportunity and energy flow. Rather than telling you what will happen or what you should do, Cat helps you take charge of your present by helping you reveal your own truths. She’s a dynamic coach who has the ability to listen deeply and understand the meaning behind your words. You can count on her gift of intuition and presence in every session. Through the cards she’s able to interpret information that connects and creates awareness and space for real change.”

Marta, 25, Lisbon


“Today I had the absolute pleasure of a coaching with tarot session with Cat as part of her commitment to provide 365 hours of coaching in 365 days in support of Mind.org.uk. I was drawn to the concept of mixing the tarot cards with coaching, feeling it would place extra emphasis on the client’s intuition, and it totally delivered on my expectations. For me, it just made the experience far more authentic and thought provoking.
On a personal level, Cat was warm and professional holding a wonderfully safe space for me to muse and ramble in, and her prompts and questions helped me assimilate all of these thoughts and feelings, allowing for greater clarity and some next steps I could take away. Thanks again Cat!”

Kerry, Yorkshire, Account Manager


“Cat has a beautiful warming presence about her, I loved our session together. I felt understood throughout which is really important to me. She provided a safe, non-judgemental space for me to be very open with her and because of that I was able to gain some amazing insight to where I want to go moving forward, as well as confirming some thoughts I was having around my business. The use of tarot cards really intrigued me and it worked a treat, Cat used them at the perfect times in our session. We reached the goal I set out to explore, I left the session with a clear plan and high vibration. I would highly recommend working with Cat! Thanks again for an amazing session.”

Zeta, 34, Sheffield, Mindset & Personal-Development Coach


“I had an amazing coaching session with Cat. Somehow Cat managed to help me find clarity among what felt like my sometimes incoherent rambling. I realised I know what I need to do in the short-term and I came out with a rough plan on what I  want and need to do to make progress.  The magic really came when we started discussing big topics like purpose and choices for me moving forward. Using tarot cards added another fun dimension to the session and they offered a starting point for discussing some questions I had been reflecting on. I have come out of the session feeling inspired, motivated and confident about my next steps. Thank you so much, Cat.”

Carolyn, 33, Northern Ireland 


Chelsea Spencer, Head of Marketing

“I really enjoyed my Tarot with coaching session. I came to Cat with some heavy subject matter and the Cat and the Tarot cards delivered! I hugely enjoy Cat’s coaching style and always feel in very safe hands! Thank you for the experience.”

Becca, London, Life Coach


“”I highly recommend working with Cat! The combination of coaching and tarot was both incredibly insightful and helpful. I came away feeling empowered, more deeply connected with my own intuition and relieved at having worked through some difficult feelings. Thank you, Cat!”

Gem, Facilitator + Coach


Claire Sanders, Development Coach


“I gained a huge amount of clarity and steps to move forward following my session with Cat. She has a wonderful energy, calm & present. I didn’t expect to get so much from our hour together. As well as giving me the space and chance to explore my goal, she helped me with some blind spots I had. Thanks again Cat!”
Françoise, Coach & Course Advisor 

“I have been wanting to move forward with my writing for years, but never managed to find the courage to put it out in the world. After just one conversation with Cat, we were able to clarify what I want to write about, the central message I want to express and, perhaps more importantly, how it can have an impact on my coaching business. Cat helped me to see beyond my doubts and fears to the potential I have as a writer. Her calm, caring, and humorous disposition allowed me to be 100% honest and vulnerable. At the end of the session, I felt lighter, empowered, and inspired, and started my writing project on that same day. Coaching with Cat was truly transformational, and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future! P.S: Thank you for putting the Coaching for Mind challenge together, it was a pleasure to participate in such an amazing cause!”

Marta, 25, Lisbon


“I really enjoyed being coached by Cat who very quickly helped me focus and prioritise everything I was attempting to think about all at once. I genuinely came away from our session feeling confident about my next steps and direction of travel. You are a talented coach and I am looking forward to following your journey and future work with you.”

Amy, Head of People + Experience, London


“Cat has such an engaging presence and I learnt a lot from being coached by her as a coach myself. We started off with something surface level and confusing in my head, but by the end Cat had helped me to be so crystal clear on what I wanted to do next. Cat also got me to think more deeply which I hadn’t expected with the surface-level subject, but there were many fascinating personal insights I gained as a result. Thank you for a brilliant hour Cat, for listening so attentively and facilitating my thinking beautifully.”

Anisa, 27, Coach


“My coaching session with Cat was incredibly useful. Her questioning is powerful, which allows the mind to think differently and see things from a distinct perspective that I am not used to. Since then, I have noticed the positive effects of my session with her, which after only one is impressive!”

Yolaina, 31, London


“I had a great session with Cat. She asked me some really useful questions and articulated some powerful reflections that enabled me to identify key realisations on a topic that was having a big impact on my life. Cat has great intuition and was able to help me get to the heart of the topic I brought to the session and also to come away with a plan of action. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone to work with her.”

Aneeka, London


Wow, what a great session I’ve just had with Cat and the tarot cards really helped to give an extra dimension to the work we did together. Keep going Cat, it’s win-win all round with Mind benefitting too.”

Ruth Ball, Change Consultant


“I found Cat’s coaching session really helpful in clarifying my thoughts around my next steps. As a result I feel more focused on and confident about the impact this will have. I did a lot of thinking in the session, and on my own I may well have gone round in circles. However Cat asked really clear questions that made me refine my thoughts on certain areas and see them in a different way.”

Carole, Writer + Coach


“Cat is gentle and direct. She holds a special focus on the coachee which challenges those of us who try to hide. She is intuitive and to the point and a very effective coach. I will highly recommend.”

Cristina, Holistic Coach @IncaZen, Madrid


Marina Lumley, Executive Coach


“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Cat and having a coaching session with her for her ‘Coaching for Mind’ proposition.  Cat is engaging, professional, reassuring and holds a calm, non-judgemental space for you to contemplate the questions, which are curiously asked in response to sharing what is on your mind.  I would love to spend more time with Cat and would recommend that you get in touch with her if you are considering coaching as a positive way forward.”

Bev, 50-something, Mediator


Gemma Nevers, Client Experience Specialist


Samantha Jepp-Panteli, Property Developer


Jenny Bird MCC, Executive Coach


Aneta Sanders, Head of Workforce + Retention


Meg Peppin, Managing Director


Coaching Testimonials

Annie, Head of UK Academy, London


“Every time I have a big decision to make in my life, I find myself drawn to Cat. I’m sure she uses some sort of magic because the space she holds, the questions she asks and the reflections she mirrors back to me have shown me the way forward for myself every single time. Cat’s skill and professionalism as a coach are the gold standard that all coaches should be aiming for, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone. If you want to hear yourself think, book a session with Cat. You won’t regret it!”

Lissie, 31, Kent


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cat as a coach. Her calm and caring demeanour instantly put me at ease and I felt confident I was in good hands. I was having a hard time with feelings of isolation (during lockdown), low mood, low confidence and felt powerless to change my situation. She provided a safe space to dig into this, where I felt 100% comfortable opening up and being vulnerable. She was always patient even when I was ranting or rambling as my thoughts came tumbling out of my mouth in no particular order! Cat gently nudged me back on track which helped ensure the sessions were consistently loaded with value to help me move forward or shift my perspective. I always finished our sessions feeling lighter, more empowered, clear on my next steps and with new perspectives on things which had been keeping me feeling stuck. Cat would be my ‘go to’ coach if I ever feel I needed it in future.”

Gail, 38, Brighton


“Cat, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your tireless enthusiasm and support. Coaching with you has genuinely been transformational. Through this journey I have found answers I never knew I had inside of me, I have found my purpose, and I now feel excited for the future! Your style is fun and empowering, and I have enjoyed every session. I am truly grateful to have worked with you – I would recommend you to anyone looking for a coach!”

Louise, 39, Recruitment Associate Director


“Cat’s ability to listen and help me to make sense of my thoughts is uncanny. I can always rely on her to ask brilliant questions to help me to get to what’s important, and when we get there, there’s never an ounce of judgement. I’m always grateful for the calm, safe space that Cat creates for me to be myself and work through life’s challenges, and for the fun we have along the way!”

Philippa, 31, HR Manager


“I am grateful for having the opportunity of working with Cat as my coaching supervisor and as my coach. Cat is authentic, honest and creates a safe and trusted environment. She listens very carefully, challenges me (with my permission) and really helps me dive deeper to enable me to see different perspectives, which has allowed me to be expansive. Cat’s authenticity and integrity is a true reflection of who she is and how she works. I would recommend Cat as a coach who will champion you throughout your journey.”

Pooja, Berkshire, Coach


“I engaged Cat at a time of transition in my life, when moving overseas and into my own business at the same time. Cat helped me get on top of the chaos inside my head; she guided me to gain clarity of what’s most important to me, helped me identify my fears and move forward with actionable steps based on my strengths. Cat’s been highly professional and reliable even during the most testing times of the pandemic. I have cherished every single session with Cat and look forward to engaging her as my coach again in the future. Thanks Cat!”

Maike, 38, Solopreneur


“Life changing is a phrase that is often used too freely in today’s society, and yet that is my choice of words to describe my experience with Cat. Before our introductory call I knew I wanted to fix a few things about myself, I felt stuck in a rut with a vague sense of how I wanted to get myself back after an injury, but with no real idea of how to get there. I’ll be honest, talking about myself is not something I will ever like doing and, as I waited for that first call, I was anxious, but within moments of answering I found myself at ease and able to talk freely and openly without fear of judgment. Over the next six sessions I ranted & rambled, talked & listened/absorbed the feedback and at the end of each hour I felt I had personally grown. By the midway point, through Cat’s hard work and guidance, I came to realise that striving to go back to a pre-injury me was just not healthy and causing a whole host of mental and physical struggles and likely had been for years (hence the rut), so we flipped it – I rule my injury, my injury doesn’t rule me. This mindset would not even have been possible at the start of the sessions. So within 6 hours of coaching, from a very vague starting point, we moved the end goal and formed the steps of how to get there. Sounds life changing, right? I am beyond grateful and the things I have learnt will stay with me for life. I would challenge anyone to see how far Cat could help you to reach the best you.”

Dan, 27, Recruitment Consultant


“I’d long debated about coaching but I’m very glad I reached out and especially to Cat who is just so supportive and encouraging. I’ve always really struggled to visualise longer term goals and changes especially as persistent self-doubts have always crept in and prevented me from even thinking about future possibilities. However Cat provided me with space, structured support and guidance to help realise smaller changes and to set realistic, time-related goals. These have in turn helped to support the realisation of longer-term and realistic changes. Cat really takes time to get to know where you’re at with things and so provides really effective coaching support. I can’t thank Cat enough and would highly recommend her!”

Laura, North West, Lecturer


“Cat is awesome! I came to work with her because I was feeling overwhelmed with the new venture of building a business and she helped me make it possible. We articulated, clarified and evolved what was once only an idea. Now everything is brought into action with a strong purpose behind it. As well as being a coach, Cat shared her extensive knowledge of habits, business and other topics which helped me get a deeper understanding and a concrete way forward. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Larissa, 28, Life Coach


“My life coaching sessions with Cat have had a huge positive impact on both my personal and professional life. Cat helped me to think about my goals and put in place steps to achieve them. I didn’t expect my confidence to grow as much as it has as a result of our calls, she has given me tools I will use forever.”

Cecilia, 32, West Midlands


“For anyone looking for a coach, I can highly recommend Cat. As I worked through a big life change, she helped me keep a clear mind and reminded me of what was most important to me. When I doubted my abilities or entertained limiting beliefs, Cat made sure to question and push me in the right direction. I always leave our calls feeling empowered, happy, and ready to take on anything and everything. Thank you!”

Caroline, 27, Communications Specialist


“You know that voice in your head that says you can’t do things out of fear and anxiety? Cat beats up that voice and replaces it with encouraging guidance, support, and structure. Then she supports you with how to master it. I’m glad I reached out to Cat, she’s a fantastic coach and if you’re thinking about getting a life coach, you better sign up before there’s a waiting list!”

Maz, Project Manager + Fitness Coach


“Cat helped me focus my thoughts and ambitions. I needed a boost and Cat really helped me. Accountability was key for me and she held me accountable in a fair manner. She listened carefully, asked the right questions to help me find the answers to my own questions. She showed no judgement and considered her responses. She showed genuine interest and was delighted with my achievements.”

Morven, 29, Glasgow


“If anyone is considering working with Cat, I urge you to take her on as a coach. The questions she asked helped me unlock how I work best and certain structures I need to follow day to day to help me, not only grow as a person, but as a business owner too. Massive thank you for all your help.”

Rick, 27, Business Owner


“The sessions with Cat helped me more than I could have anticipated. She not only helped me formulate the goals I want to achieve, she also helped me understand how to achieve them in way that was manageable and realistic for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jasmine, 22, Student


“I first got in touch with Cat in the summertime. We had an introductory call about what I needed from life coaching sessions and soon set up a schedule. It was during these sessions I found my inner strength, self-belief and stronger mindset. Cat helped me see how beneficial goal setting can be, having an established morning routine for me was essential. I also started to see that setting goals and achieving them were all due to my coaching sessions. I would like to say a huge thank you to Cat who has helped me achieve my ambitions so far and I have set a big goal for my career promotion.”

Vera, 42, East Midlands


“I started my journey with Animas almost exactly one year ago. I had a completely different life then, with different challenges, and I decided to work with Cat in an effort to experience life coaching for myself and work on the things that had been holding me back. This has been one of the most transformational years of my life. Having Cat there to help me work through the things that were most difficult for me in terms of my confidence, family and relationship dynamics, goalsetting and accountability issues, has been absolutely priceless. She always listens patiently, understands me and, most of all, helps me to re-organize and prioritize my thoughts and gain clarity. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with overthinking and to get stuck, and Cat is always there to help me to move forward and see what’s important. I most appreciate that she always keeps me focused and accountable for the things that I say, and has helped me move through different stages of my personal growth. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get the right guidance in terms of improving your life. It’s not easy to do it alone and Cat is there every step of the way.”

Andrea, 43, Marketer