What My Supervision Clients Have Said...

“Cat has been my supervisor for a year now and I can genuinely say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made to support my professional development as a coach. She’s an amazing supervisor and she creates a calm and reflective space for me to share my thoughts and challenges. I look forward to our monthly sessions because I know I’ll come out feeling energised and more confident. Cat knows how to challenge me and guide me. She shares her reflections and suggestions in a manner that allows me to find my own way of doing things. It’s great to have a person like Cat in my ‘development pocket’, as I know she’ll help me navigate the highs and lows of being a coach. I love that we can have both very serious and deep conversations and have a laugh as well. She is warm, approachable, light-hearted and very knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a coach or a supervisor, have a chat with Cat!”

Catherine Serusclat, Career Coach


“I started working with Cat at the beginning of my coaching journey as I was having some difficulty contracting and setting clear boundaries with clients. She helped me develop confidence and find my feet in these early stages, and always encouraged me to approach the challenges I was facing in a way that felt true to me. Cat is a really warm, down-to-earth and approachable supervisor. She’s also shit-hot on all things coaching ethics and good practice, and her vision for a more ethical and accessible coaching industry really comes through in everything she does. I really can’t recommend Cat enough if you’re feeling uncertain about any area of your coaching practice and/or would like support while supporting your clients.”

Ellie Smith, Coach for Creatives


“Cat and I started working together because I forever knew she would be a good supervisor. Why? She cuts through your bullshit and firmly sticks to the ethics of our business. I can honestly say it sometimes hurts, but I learned more by being faced with the reality, occasionally disproving my brain and knowledge.
I would just recommend Cat because she is Cat, but if you are looking at this review you are probably at the place I was a few months ago: you need support in the role of being a coach and that can feel heavy a lot of time. A supervisor like Cat helps you with this and there is no doubt in my mind that every coach should have supervision.”

Astrid, ADHD Coach


Ruth Parkinson, Self Belief Coach


“I am grateful for having the opportunity of working with Cat as my coaching supervisor and as my coach. Cat is authentic, honest and creates a safe and trusted environment. She listens very carefully, challenges me (with my permission) and really helps me dive deeper to enable me to see different perspectives, which has allowed me to be expansive. Cat’s authenticity and integrity is a true reflection of who she is and how she works. I would recommend Cat as a coach who will champion you throughout your journey.”

Pooja, Coach for Women of Colour


“My supervisor-coach relationship with Cat was exceptionally beautiful. I felt connected with her through Animas socials, coffee connect and book clubs, and that is why, the moment I saw her offering supervision on Instagram, I couldn’t resist. In the discovery call, the kind of honesty she had made me believe and trust that I was in touch with the right person. Cat’s kind, friendly, warm and real approach as a supervisor helped me connect with my coach self and realise so many things about myself which wouldn’t be possible without her. She made it seem so easy and powerful. I truly had a proper mindset shift in who I am as a coach, what I really need to work on, and how to grow personally and professionally. We had one very intense session and the way Cat handled it, the way she supported me before, during and after that session, helped me overcome the overwhelm and effectively move in the right direction. Cat is so informed about probably everything a coach needs to know. This in-depth knowledge, awareness and authenticity that she brings to supervision truly empowered and liberated me. I am grateful for the sessions we had. Thank you so much. If you are seeking supervision, I highly recommend Cat.”

Tanya Mehra, Transformational Life Coach


Kim Witten, Transformational Coach