Unfuck your thinking and thrive

1:1 Coaching


Hello lovely! I’m Cat, your love + relationship coach.

I work with both individuals and couples, through all stages of a relationship – from the before (dating), to the after (recovering from a breakup), and everything in between. Wherever we find ourselves in these stages, coaching can help to raise awareness, improve communication, deepen understanding, develop confidence, make informed choices, and get a handle on the landscape around you and how you want to inhabit it.

I’m qualified and accredited as a transformational life coach, a form of coaching that pulls from Neuroscience, CBT, Transactional Analysis, Psychodynamic Coaching, Narrative Coaching, and more to create a truly integrative coaching approach that allows me to best serve you on a bespoke basis. But at its simplest, every session will start with me asking you what you’d like to think about and it’s entirely led by you.

Whether you’re looking for love, deep in a loving bond, or struggling to find your way back to someone, coaching is a tool that can help you to navigate the important feelings, questions, and decisions you face. How? I’ll ask you the right questions at the optimal moment, to allow you to untangle your thoughts and work out what’s best for you. You set the agenda, you are the expert, I’m just here to tease out how you really think and how you really feel and how you want to change as a result. It sounds simple like that, right?

It can be simple, but it can also be hard. Coaching is often challenging. It invites us to look at ourselves in the mirror and truly see ourselves. It asks us to confront the things that have been holding us back, often our own thoughts and beliefs. It offers us the opportunity to change – something that, as humans, we rebel against. This is why it’s so important for you to want it. You can only get so far when you’re not invested in the process. When you really want the change, there’s no stopping what we can do.

But why me? I adore understanding the dynamics between people that allow us to connect and thrive, and I’m passionate about the potential for healthy and fulfilling relationships to add joy and meaning to our lives. These things light me up and drive me to do the work that I do. Laughing, crying, swearing, shouting, whispering, and, most of all, THINKING is welcome in my sessions. We will have fun, we will be fierce, we will increase awareness, and grow exponentially. If this sounds good to you, book a discovery call with me!

Work With Me

I believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, and that’s why I offer flexible coaching packages that we can decide on dependent on the topics and goals you want to work on. I want what’s best for you, so we can talk this through in a free 45 minute discovery call where we can chat through what you’re looking for and whether I’m the best fit for you (if I’m not, I can recommend you to someone perfect for you).

1:1 Flexible Coaching
Sessions are one hour long and can be booked in blocks of 6, 9, or 12. You can take these sessions as and when you’d like them and can be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice. Each block contains an additional hour long reflection session, to be taken 6 months after your final session. Payment plans are available on enquiry.

  • 6 sessions + reflection session: £500
  • 9 sessions + reflection session: £680
  • 12 sessions + reflection session: £850

Power Session
This is a one off session of 90 minutes in length.

  • 90 minutes: £90

If you’re ready to work on your relationship, book a free discovery call. We can have a cup of tea and talk all about you and what you’d like to gain from coaching, with no obligation to sign up. If you’d like to, amazing. If not, I’ll be wishing you all the best. So what do you say..? Fancy a cuppa? Book here: