We’re quickly approaching a new year, and a new decade. Although I don’t tend to get behind the whole ‘new year, new me’ sentiment, I would like to tap into the collective consciousness whilst the idea of resolutions and thinking about where you want to be in ten years’ time is still a prominent conversation starter.

I want to change the questions you’re asking yourself so you can set useful goals for yourself this year. Okay, hear me out – I know you think I couldn’t possibly know the questions you’re asking yourself for real, but I imagine they go a little like this:

– What do I need to get done next year?

– Where would I like to be in ten years?

– What do I want to do next year?

– What should I want to do?

– What will I achieve in the next decade?

– And so on, and so forth…

As you read those, do you start feeling that tense feeling of expectation settling on your shoulders too? It feels like a pressuring relative or over-zealous teacher infiltrating your brain, you know, asking you what university you want to go to before you’ve decided whether you WANT to go to university, or asking you when you’re going to get married/have kids/get that promotion…

The last thing we need when thinking about our futures is to feel stressed. But IT IS STRESSFUL. This time of year, for many, is a stressful blockade of expectationful rubbishness. Yes, that is the technical term. So, first things first, take a few very deep breaths and let go of all the expectations. We’re scribbling out those questions; they’re boring and ordinary anyway.

Now I want you to grab a pen and some paper, yes I want you to physically write this down, and settle somewhere comfy where you feel as at peace as you can. If you need a cup of tea or some music playing in the background or a candle lit, do that. I want you to feel relaxed. This is a time to be kind and to indulge yourself. Now, I’m going to give you a series of questions that I want you to answer on your pieces of paper. Write whatever comes to your mind, no one’s going to read what you wrote, it’s just for you. Ready?

What lit you up this year? What gave you the deepest and truest enjoyment?

Take a deep breath and write it out. Take your time.


If there were no limitations what would you LOVE to do? Why?

This is a no-limits question. Go as wild, crazy, selfish, imaginative as you dare.


Close your eyes and imagine your best self ten years into the future. What do they look like? What do they do? Who is around them? Where do they live? What are they known for? What do they care about?

Write it all down and remember, this is your best possible future self you’re tapping into.


What advice would that best self give you about the things you would LOVE to do?

This one can be hard, but give it a go…


To become that future self, what are you being called towards doing this year?

Be honest.


In what ways might you make that possible?

Be creative.


What are you going to do, and how are you going to do it?

Tell me all the deets.


By when?

Commit to it. This could be real life if you let it be.


Is there anything else you think, feel, or want to write?


Goal setting doesn’t have to be a painful, strict process. It doesn’t have to fit into lines or other people’s expectations. It can be anything and everything you want it to be. I hope this little collection of questions has made your mind a whole lot clearer going into the new year, or at least has given you some pleasant food for thought. If you’d like to, please share your goals with me, I would love to hear them! And, as ever, if you’re interested in what it would be like to be coached by me, head over to my coaching enquiries page and book a free introductory call – let’s chat!

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