Intuitive Coaching

Coaching with Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

What is it?

Intuitive Coaching does what it says on the tin: it helps you to tap into your intuition to find the answers to the questions you hold. It’s not fortune telling, and whether or not you believe that the cards hold guidance for you from spirits, ancestors, deities, or anything inbetween is entirely up to you. It’s a creative way to listen to that little voice inside that knows what it wants already.


Before we get into the how, let’s talk about the what. Intuitive coaching isn’t needed if you want performance coaching – for example: to create a plan to achieve X. It isn’t needed if you just want a space to talk and be listened to. It also isn’t needed if you consciously know everything you need to, but you need to sort through it. For all of this, my standard coaching offer would be ideal. But, if you’ve found yourself stuck, clouded, or in need of some deep exploration, intuitive coaching can really help. It can be very useful with the big questions we wrestle with: do I stay or go? What is my purpose? How can I show up more authentically? And can be an excellent aid with big thinking and future planning: what can the next 5 years look like? What paths are available to me? What am I missing?


If you’re unsure if intuitive coaching is right for you, we can have a discovery call to discuss this in more detail. And if you’re still not sure, we can try a mixed package meaning that you can pick and choose which sessions include tarot and which don’t.

So, how does it work?

An intuitive coaching session isn’t that different from an ordinary coaching session really. I still ask you what you want to think about, and we think about exactly that. I still use coaching questions to elicit new thinking. You still choose the direction of the session. The only difference is that we have the option to ask the cards questions throughout the session.

When you want to ask the cards a question, I’ll ask you what deck you’d like me to pull from (I have 4, and you can pick and mix throughout the session), and I will shuffle the cards holding the question in my mind. I’ll then cut the deck into the three, restack the pack, and draw the top card. I’ll hold this card up to the screen so you can see it and then… it’s over to you.

I’ll ask what you’re seeing in the card – what are you noticing? What does it remind you of? What does it make you think about, or feel? And, ultimately, what message do you think the card holds about your initial question?

More often than not, this is enough to move the conversation along to new thinking, and/or actions. However, as you’re likely aware, tarot cards do have meanings and I can share those with you in the session if you’d find that useful. I can also share my reading of the card, in context (so beyond the traditional meaning, and thus my opinion essentially), though this does move us away from a coaching format and I’ll only do this if it’s explicitly requested.

Throughout the session, you can ask as many questions as you would like (within the limits of time). You may pull just one card, or we might make it to 20! And, if you choose to do a series of sessions, you’ll likely find that it changes depending on the topic each time. Regardless, at the end of the session I will send you photographs of the card images, and of the meaning from the guide books that occompany them. This way, you’ll be able to reference your cards on reflection and have the option to look at the meanings, even if you didn’t want to focus on them in the session.

Work With Me

I believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to coaching, and that’s why I offer flexible coaching packages that we can decide on dependent on the topics and goals you want to work on. I want what’s best for you, so we can talk this through in a free 45 minute discovery call where we can chat through what you’re looking for and whether I’m the best fit for you (if I’m not, I can recommend you to someone perfect for you).

1:1 Flexible Coaching
Sessions are one hour long and can be booked in blocks of 3, 6, 9, or 12. You can take these sessions as and when you’d like them and can be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice. Payment plans are available on enquiry, as are mixed session options (tarot and pure coaching).

  • 3 sessions: £222
  • 6 sessions: £420
  • 9 sessions: £610
  • 12 sessions: £780

Standalone Session
This is a one off session of 90 minutes in length. You do not need to schedule a discovery call for this session, but are welcome to if you’d like one.

  • 90 minutes: £90


I tried one of Cat’s tarot card coaching sessions that she was running for the Mind challenge because I was super intrigued after seeing the pictures on LinkedIn! Cat is a really personable person and very creative in her approach to coaching so it was easy to get insights that I hadn’t thought of before with previous coaches. Her knowledge around coaching shines through and she’s able to help you tease out and reflect on what you’re thinking while challenging you to make it actionable and implement it into your daily life going forward. The cards were novel and were a nice tool to add extra layers of insight and while Cat explained the meanings of the cards – it was more about your take on what it means for you and a clever way of bringing up new insights! Thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend Cat as a coach for anyone who enjoys working with creative and supportive coaches

Chelsea Spencer

Head of Marketing

My session with Cat combined the magic of tarot with the power of coaching, and wow, what an amazing combination! The beauty of using tarot and visual prompts helped me tune into my intuition, and together with Cat’s curiosity and coaching brilliance, it enabled me to gain clarity and embrace my inner wisdom. Cat is such an accomplished coach and supervisor, and her dedication to the credibility of the coaching profession is a testament to her passion.

Claire Sanders

Development Coach

I really enjoyed my Tarot with coaching session. I came to Cat with some heavy subject matter and the Cat and the Tarot cards delivered! I hugely enjoy Cat’s coaching style and always feel in very safe hands! Thank you for the experience.


Life Coach, London

I highly recommend working with Cat! The combination of coaching and tarot was both incredibly insightful and helpful. I came away feeling empowered, more deeply connected with my own intuition and relieved at having worked through some difficult feelings. Thank you, Cat!


Facilitator + Coach

I had a one-off session with Cat and we used Tarot Cards. As a coach myself, I wanted to experience something different. The session was powerful, insightful and clarifying. Cat asked beautifully clean and simple questions that really got me thinking. Great rapport and highly supportive.

Marina Lumley

Executive Coach

This experience of Tarot card coaching was amazing. Enlightening. Freeing. Tears-of-joy-inducing. Grounding. Reminding. Innovating. New-thought-provoking. I could go on. My coaching partner, Cat Burnett ACC, created just enough psychological safety, by way of a contract, for us to dig into this work without much explanation, and then held me, mostly silently, while I did my processing out loud. I asked a question. She then held up a randomly selected card, with a picture for me to interpret in relation to the question. I noticed what I noticed and drew conclusions. If I requested it, she then added the “official” interpretation of the card, which often shed more light on my question. I asked the same question of another card, and we did the same again. Then I came to a new question, which I posed to another card. We worked through four cards in an hour’s session, each time unearthing something different. And it explored ideas that my logical brain would never have carried me to. I have to admit to being a bit scared of the Tarot before we started, but they are like any other picture card that is designed to stimulate new thinking. We didn’t use them as predictors of my future, but more as guides to unlocking my own current wisdom. I would highly recommend Cat’s coaching with Tarot cards. Please seek her out if you are stuck and want a different way to see your way through.

Clare Norman, PCC

Coach, Hampshire

A recommendation on LinkedIn sparked my interest in having a ‘coaching session’ with a tarot twist. Cat has created a wonderful connection with me and a safe and expansive environment for me to explore my challenge. Having had the tarot cards supporting the answers added richness and creativity of generating options to the session. Cat’s insightful questions, deep listening, and reflecting my words back to me in a gentle, supportive and loving manner made for a very impactful coaching session. Huge thanks, Cat, I’m delighted with the experience!

Aneta Sanders

Head of Workforce + Retention

I had a lovely coaching session with Cat last week: really enjoyed her warm, clear presence and especially the creativity of the use of tarot cards. Both fun and revealing.

Jenny Bird MCC

Executive Coach

I had a one off session with Cat, booked on an impulse as I was curious about the Tarot cards. The impact was very unexpected, and she catalysed something for me that I had been pondering for quite a while. Very productive. Cat is a very skilled coach and wonderful listener. Absolutely recommended.

Meg Peppin

Managing Director

I had an awesome coaching session with Cat Burnett ACC yesterday who has challenged herself to coach 365 hours in 365 days to raise money for Mind. I opted to do the Tarot cards coaching to see what it would be like. Cat explained that she doesn’t do readings instead she uses the cards to help you tap into your own intuition. I’m now much clearer on what needs my attention right now and what can wait in the wings. And the big insight for me was to trust the process rather than stress about the outcome.

Jude Sclater

Thank you again, today has honestly been the 60 minutes of clarity that I needed. Working as a Coach myself I was really curious to see what value our coaching session would bring. It far exceeded my expectations and I loved the use of the tarot cards. When you offered it as a service I was very curious about how it would work. Your system is really clear and flowed perfectly. The cards are a great unique addition that really took it to the next level for me. I feel like our 60 minutes were the reset I needed. Thank you for doing such incredible work to raise funds for MIND. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you as a coach to anyone.

Emma-Jane Darley MLaw

Student Coach, 35

I loved my Coaching-Tarot session. I couldn’t believe how spot-on the cards were! It was great to be able to reflect on the imagery in the cards and use my perceptions to uncover their meaning with Cat guiding me along. The session opened my eyes and pointed me strongly in the direction of following my heart. I feel a renewed sense of opportunity and energy flow. Rather than telling you what will happen or what you should do, Cat helps you take charge of your present by helping you reveal your own truths. She’s a dynamic coach who has the ability to listen deeply and understand the meaning behind your words. You can count on her gift of intuition and presence in every session. Through the cards she’s able to interpret information that connects and creates awareness and space for real change.


Lisbon, 25

Today I had the absolute pleasure of a coaching with tarot session with Cat as part of her commitment to provide 365 hours of coaching in 365 days in support of I was drawn to the concept of mixing the tarot cards with coaching, feeling it would place extra emphasis on the client’s intuition, and it totally delivered on my expectations. For me, it just made the experience far more authentic and thought provoking. On a personal level, Cat was warm and professional holding a wonderfully safe space for me to muse and ramble in, and her prompts and questions helped me assimilate all of these thoughts and feelings, allowing for greater clarity and some next steps I could take away. Thanks again Cat!


Account Manager, Yorkshire

Cat has a beautiful warming presence about her, I loved our session together. I felt understood throughout which is really important to me. She provided a safe, non-judgemental space for me to be very open with her and because of that I was able to gain some amazing insight to where I want to go moving forward, as well as confirming some thoughts I was having around my business. The use of tarot cards really intrigued me and it worked a treat, Cat used them at the perfect times in our session. We reached the goal I set out to explore, I left the session with a clear plan and high vibration. I would highly recommend working with Cat! Thanks again for an amazing session.


Mindset & Personal-Development Coach, 34, Sheffield

I had an amazing coaching session with Cat. Somehow Cat managed to help me find clarity among what felt like my sometimes incoherent rambling. I realised I know what I need to do in the short-term and I came out with a rough plan on what I want and need to do to make progress. The magic really came when we started discussing big topics like purpose and choices for me moving forward. Using tarot cards added another fun dimension to the session and they offered a starting point for discussing some questions I had been reflecting on. I have come out of the session feeling inspired, motivated and confident about my next steps. Thank you so much, Cat.


Northern Ireland, 33